About Ledy

Worship Leader in Dallas, TexasLedy is a worship leader, wife, mother, singer, song-writer, mentor, author and daughter of our Great King! With over a decade of serving local churches and church start ups as a worship leader and earning her Masters of Arts in Worship Leadership, Ledy has dedicated her life to encouraging others to worship the Lord in Spirit and in Truth. She has often trained and developed new worship leaders and worship teams and has a definite heart for encouraging new worship leaders. Her passion is to teach, guide, encourage, and lead others to understand that worship is a truly a lifestyle. Regardless of whether those she is leading are brand new Believers or have walked with the Lord for many years, Ledy encourages an atmosphere of authenticity where every person is a part of corporate worship.

Ledy’s style can be summed up in three words…simplereal, and encouraging. Through her worship leadership studies, Ledy has discovered that often people are hungry to use something tangible to be symbolic of their heart’s worship. She often encourages those she leads to actively participate in writing names of God or one word to describe who the Lord is in their life on small stones, pieces of paper, or a poster. She encourages fellow worshippers to bring their symbol to the altar. Ledy uses a two-minute drill approach where she invites someone from the event to share what the Lord has taught them in regards to the words of a song or passage of Scripture. She incorporates hymns, praise songs, Scripture, testimony, and Biblical teaching in leading worship.